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26-FREE: LEARN Overhand Tennis Serve Technique "Static-Stance Starting-Position" Correct Execution ----By Fritz Outman


I have produced four "Static-Stance Starting-Position" instructional video tutorials.

If you are a Outman Methodology™ newcomer, view all four videos from the 1st to the 4th. 

If you have already viewed the 1st (which introduces and instructs in the "Static-Stance Starting-Position" and the 2nd (titled Definitively Correct Execution), then, view both the 3rd (Putting on the Spit & Polish/Fine Tuning Static-Stance Starting-Position  in which I explain the need for it) and, finally view the fourth, which teaches achieving consistently repeatable Rhythm and Pace in execution of each pitching delivery by means of mentally visualizing and employing Overhand Tennis Serve Technique.

It might be of interest to you to read what follows below the video links to the respective instructional video tutorials.  It should only take a minute or two of your time.

Introduction to Static-Stance (1st of 4) Instructional Video Tutorial

Definitively Correct Execution Static-Stance( 2nd of 4) Instructional Video Tutorial

Putting on the Spit & Shine Static-Stance (3rd of 4) Instruction Video Tutorial

Rhythm & Pace Through Mental Visualization of Overhand Tennis Serve Technique (4th of 4) Instructional Video Tutorial


Three years and ten months ago from the date of this composition (9-06-2023), I transitioned to employing the "static-stance starting-position".   

You can read about that near the top of the home page of my (this) Outman Methodology™ blog site.

Through mechanical execution trial and experimentation requiring execution of thousands of pitching-deliveries, I gave myself a full year of working toward determining its definitively correct execution before I shared what progress I had made by producing and posting the original "Static-stance starting-position" etc. (1st of 4) correct execution instructional video tutorial", the purpose of which was to  give a "head start" to anyone who wished the opportunity to get started with "static-stance starting-position".

Additional thousands and thousands of pitching-deliveries executed over an additional one and three-quarter years after posting the original (1st of 4) video tutorial was necessary for me to work through all possible variations (that I was capable of indentifying through that period) of sequence and simultaneity of execution of the elements of a "static-stance starting-position" pitching-delivery toward determining what alterations in execution presented as constituting its definitively correct execution. Definitively correct execution being that which, at the time, consistently resulted in the best velocity, command and movement of the pitched-baseball, with which I was satisfied and at which I arrived only a couple of weeks before the October, 2022 production and posting of the (2nd of 4) instructional video tutorial. 

Some alterations occurred naturally, such as the reduction of  the "moments of greatest leverage" from four to three as well as the loss of the rotational momentum achieved through the combination of a normal walking-step in the direction of the catcher and execution of "advanced the now moment", which momentum obviously needed to be replaced and, hopefully, even improved upon. 

All other alterations necessary to achieve what would eventually present, at that time, as constituting definitively correct execution remained to be discovered by means of the above referenced trial and experimentation.

Then, over the course of an additional six months after producing the Definitively Correct Execution (2nd of 4) instructional video tutorial, new developments (very positive and revolutionary in nature) necessitated the production of the Spit & Polish (3rd of 4) instructional video tutorial.

Now I present the final "static-stance starting-position" instructional video tutorial (4th of 4) in what became a completely unintended series of 4 instructional video tutorials in which I address achieving consistently obtainable Rhythm & Pace (also, balance, fluidity and explosiveness) through mental visualization and execution of Overhand Tennis Serve Technique.

 Copyright 4-18-2023

St. Louis, MO USA