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4-About the Moments of Greatest Leverage---By Fritz Outman


The Moments of Greatest Leverage have Outman Methodology™ for Pitching a Baseball on the Vertical Plane and Fritz Outman as their original source of reference.

REVISED 8-24-2020

For all iterations of Outman Methodology™ for pitching a baseball on the Vertical previous to arrival at static-stance starting positioning pure Rotational Pitchingon the vertical plane, there were four Moments of Greatest Leverage in execution of a pitching-delivery.

With nearly 10 months of practice and in-game, competition experience under my belt executing my static-stance starting-positioning advanced overall mechanical execution Finalized Outman Methodology™ Rotational Pitchingon the Vertical Plane pitching-delivery, I have determined that, with static-stance starting-positioning, there are three Moments of Greatest Leverage. 

What appears below describes the relative occurrence of those three Moments of Greatest Leverage associated with correct execution of the static-stance starting positioning of a baseball pitching delivery consistent with execution of Outman Methodology™  Rotational Pitching  on the Vertical Plane. 

In execution of static-stance advanced overall mechanical execution Finalized Outman Methodology™ Rotational Pitching on the vertical plane, there are three Momentof Greatest Leverage consistent with as how I choose to identify them.

Correctly executing each static-stance advanced overall mechanical execution Finalized Outman Methodology™ Rotational Pitching on the Vertical Plane pitching-delivery consistent with those three Moments of Greatest Leverage produces the best pitching performance result (the combination of velocity of, command over and movement of the pitched baseball) as exhibited by the pitched baseball on its flight to the catcher as well as producing the far, farfar lesser likelihood of a pitcher suffering injury to the Elbow of the pitching-Arm or to the pitching-Shoulder, of developing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or any of the manifold other possible bodily injuries that result from employing long-stride, drive-from-the-rear-foot conventional baseball pitching-mechanics.

The First Moment of Greatest Leverage

The first Moment of Greatest Leverage is the static-stance at "SET". 

The Second Moment of Greatest Leverage

The second Moment of Greatest Leverage occurs when the elbow of the glove-arm reaches full extension (to the point of the feeling of the very beginning of hyper pain) resulting from the glove-Arm and Hand being rapidly flipped skyward from "SET" (while the pitching-arm and hand are simultaneously rapidly and correctly delivered to their "final ready position").

The Third Moment of Greatest Leverage

The third Moment of Greatest Leverage occurs when the pitching-shoulder has been rotated over the top in the direction of the catcher and, then, toward the ground to the point where the pitcher experiences the distinct feeling as though physically leaning on the pitching-shoulder.


Specific actions are to be executed at the Moments of Greatest Leverage, which actions related to the above described three Moments of Greatest Leverage will be included in a revised Correct Execution Instructional Video when I have opportunity to revise the current offering.

The three Moments of Greatest Leverage and their associated actions to be executed make learning my methodology easier and further improve on all three performance factors (velocity of, command over and movement of the pitched-baseball on its flight to the catcher).

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