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4-About the Moments of Greatest Leverage---By Fritz Outman


The four Moments of Greatest Leverage have Outman Methodology™ for Pitching a Baseball on the Vertical Plane and Fritz Outman as their original source of reference.

Additionally, as June, 2018, the four identified moments of greatest leverage cited below are revised from earlier sequential identification in result of further refinement of correct execution of my methodology.  Live, experiment, learn, improve and adapt!

The refined, sequential greatest moments of leverage as identified in the below composition serve further to simplify execution of my methodology and further to improve both on produced performance and the health of the pitcher.

In execution of advanced overall mechanical execution Finalized Outman Methodology™ for pitching a baseball on the vertical plane incorporating advanced the "Now Moment" there are four Momentof Greatest Leverage consistent with as how I choose to identify them.

Correctly executing each advanced overall mechanical execution Finalized Outman Methodology™ for pitching a baseball on the vertical plane incorporating advanced the "Now Moment" pitching-delivery consistent with those four Moments of Greatest Leverage produces the best pitching performance result (the combination of velocity of, command over and movement of the pitched baseball) as exhibited by the pitched baseball on its flight to the catcher as well as producing the far, farfar lesser likelihood of a pitcher suffering injury to the elbow of the pitching-arm or to the pitching-shoulder, of developing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or of enduring manifold other possible bodily injuries that result from employing long-stride, drive-from-the-rear-foot conventional baseball pitching-mechanics.

The First Moment of Greatest Leverage

The first Moment of Greatest Leverage occurs as (devoid of Linear Movement & Momentum) the glove-Arm, Glove-Hand (Palm Up) and glove are delivered to a point/positioning roughly parallel to the ground for initiating persistently hard contraction of the glove-side Latissimus dorsi muscle. 

The Second Moment of Greatest Leverage

The "Now Moment" (employing advanced the "Now Moment" execution) is the second Moment of Greatest Leverage.

The Third Moment of Greatest Leverage

The third Moment of Greatest Leverage is arrived at on contact with the ground by the bottom of the great Toe & Ball of the front pivot-Foot by reason of correct advanced the "Now Moment" execution and is the moment at which Rotational Acceleration is initiated. 

The Fourth Moment of Greatest Leverage

The fourth Moment of Greatest Leverage relates to "follow-through" to the release-point of the baseball from the hand of the pitcher with specific reference to initiating explosive contraction of the pitching-side Pectoral muscles.

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