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23-FREE: LEARN Correct Execution of Outman Methodology Rotational Pitching On the Vertical Plane


10-22-2020 UPDATE

CLICK ON THIS LINK to take you to the FREE Correct Execution Instructional Video-Tutorial for "Static-Stance Starting-Position" Advanced Overall Mechanical Execution Finalized Outman Methodology™ Rotational Pitchingon the Vertical Plane.

By means of that FREE video, you will be enabled to gain mastery over correct execution of my methodology of employing the human physiology for pitching a baseball.

9-29-2020 UPDATE

While I have not yet determined the process by which I would receive payment for consultative video review of a given individual's level of mastery over correct execution of my methodology, I have determined how it will work if details eventually come together.

1) After having invested considerable practice toward gaining mastery over correct execution, whoever wishes to have his or her individual progress evaluated by me would provide quality videos (meaning of a resolution that is sharp, clear and discernible as to actions and movements) from multiple directions (preferably pitching-side, from behind and catcher-view, at a minimum).

2) Those videos would then be uploaded to a YouTube account.

3) An email would be then be sent to me at with links to the uploaded videos. That email would include the proper name of the individual featured in the linked videos and the individual's correct email address included in the body of the email itself.

4) After I have had time and opportunity (for the record, my time is limited) to determine that the linked videos are of sufficient quality that I am able actually to make an assessment of the individual featured in the video, I would send a return email both confirming that the linked videos are useable by me for evaluative purposes and, if an evaluation is desired, directing the individual to a web site (which entity and by which means I have yet to determine) at which to make a consultative payment.

I have yet to settle on the consultative fee for the evaluation.  However, having so stated, I am heavily leaning toward $50.00 USD (or more) per evaluation.

In any case, I would neither conduct an evaluation of the linked videos nor prepare a brief written evaluation until I received confirmation of prepayment of the consultative fee.  

For confirmation purposes toward identifying precisely who has paid for an evaluation, it should be the case that the name and email address included with the linked videos email correlates by both name and email address to the prepayment confirmation that I would receive.  Otherwise, I would have no means by which to determine who paid for what.

5) Having actually prepared an evaluation, I would send said evaluation as a pdf file attachment to the email address both provided with the linked videos email address and confirmed by means of the prepaid consultation process.

I have no time table relative to when the above stated will come to pass.

Fritz Outman


Copyright 10-22-2020
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